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How Surrogacy Works

Advances in modern medicine now offer many choices in creating a family. During the consultation at our offices, available options will be explored and compared so that you can decide which is the best option for you. Third Party Reproduction has made available two options:

1. IVF & Egg Donation (IVF/ED) Program:
This option involves the assistance of an egg donor. For gay couples there are several choices available:
  • Half of the egg donor’s eggs are fertilize with the sperm of one partner and the other with the second partners’ sperm. The surrogate mother is then implanted with two embryos, one genetically related to each dad. The blessing of this arrangement is that the resulting children are therefore biologically related to both parents and biologically related to each other through their egg donor.
  • The egg donor’s eggs are all fertilized by one father.
  • The sister or family member of one partner is the egg donor and these eggs are fertilized by the sperm of the second partner. The advantage of this situation is that the child is biologically related to both fathers.
2. Artificial Insemination/Traditional Surrogacy(AI) Program:
The surrogate is inseminated with the sperm of the intended biological father. As a general rule most AI pregnancies are singletons with only 1% resulting in twins. In our experience, after the birth of their child, the second partners’ sperm is used to achieve a second pregnancy with the same surrogate mother.

How Surrogacy Works - Phase I

Of course there is the possibility of creating a child with a sperm donor and an egg donor. However, for CSP this arrangement is a case of last resort. We believe that it is in the child’s best interest to be biologically related to at least one parent. We are therefore reluctant to involve an egg donor and a sperm donor unless medically necessary.

* Please go online to and complete our online application form and we will mail you information and a DVD on our program. We also welcome a call from you at our East Coast office at (410) 990-9860 or our West Coast office at (818) 788-8288.

* Attend a consultation to meet our staff, an independent attorney and a psychologist. Some topics covered include: which program to participate in, characteristics wanted in the surrogate, abortion and selective reduction, amount of contact with surrogate, legal aspects and financial considerations and how to tell your child about his/her unique beginnings.

* CSP is pleased to offer you the option of meeting our staff with you via Skype/Web Cam.

* When you are ready to proceed, retainers are signed, returned to CSP and we have the pleasure of officially welcoming you to our program.

* Preparation for matching: CSP will assist you in getting social disease testing, photographs, and your personal profile that is presented to a surrogate, marriage certificate (if you have tied the knot), etc. We are proud to announce that our program is now fully automated. This means that you can access your file online to update your information, to complete your personal profile for your surrogate mother, to update your pictures, and to gain access to information sent to you by CSP. Our website is extremely secure and we are happy to share details during our meeting with you. Our automated system allows you to load or scan information directly to your file thereby avoiding the problem of lost mail. Our system also allows us to send you documents via emails and therefore this avoids having physical mail delivered to your home or office.

* Matching: when a surrogate completes her psychological and medical screening, the counseling team will present them with a few profiles of couples. Once the surrogate selections you, her profile is sent to you for consideration. You then get the opportunity the read through one or several surrogate mother applications and personal profiles and once you have selected a surrogate mother to assist you, the counselor will call you. The counselor assists all the parties in coordinating a meeting with one another (the counselor is present at this meeting). Once all parties agree, the match is confirmed.

How Surrogacy Works - Phase II

It is important to note that CSP works with trained counselors who assist you in selecting a surrogate mother. The psychotherapists/psychologists have a minimum of 15 years of experience and many have over 20 years of counseling experience. There is no other surrogacy program in the world that has as many full-time counselors working with them or the credentials that our team has. The counselor who assists you in selecting the right surrogate mother for you is the same counselor that guides you through your entire surrogacy journey.

* Next legal contracts are signed by all parties and trust funds are deposited into a trust account to cover expenses of this pregnancy.

* In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Program: Begin medications for synchronization of cycles and preparation for embryo transfer.

*We recommend that you stay in contact with your surrogate at least once every two weeks throughout the pregnancy. More and more couples are now communicating via Skype which affords you the opportunity to see each other. Our goal is to involve you as much as possible in this pregnancy. We encourage you to attend at least two doctor's visits, if possible, or speak to the surrogate's physician on the phone. This is your child and we believe you have the right to have all your medical questions answered.

* The process of establishing parental rights begins in the second trimester.

* Of course your surrogate mother will want you present for the birth of your child or children. This is a very special moment for all of your. Typically a baby will remain in the hospital for one day after birth. Once your baby is given a medical clearance you will leave the hospital with your baby. Your attorney will assist you in obtaining an expedited birth certificate and passport, where needed for travel. (Please review our legal segment to get detailed information on the pros and cons and legalities of having both dads on the birth certificate. For some countries is may be better to have one dad on the birth certificate and at a later time obtain an amendment to reflect two dad’s names.)

* CSP encourages our couples to talk or communicate by email to other couples in our program. Although we encourage this contact, it is not mandated. It is our opinion that having couples talk to one another helps everyone feel more confident and relaxed during their journey with our program. We encourage you to talk to our heterosexual and gay couples as each set of parents had invaluable information to share with you.

How Surrogacy Works - Phase IV

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